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How to Use Pardot Dashboard in Salesforce

Pardot is Salesforce’s tool for marketing and sales automation. Such a powerful tool requires a dashboard to keep data streamlined and accessible.

This quick tutorial post will teach you how to get started with Pardot’s dashboard.

What Is Pardot’s Dashboard?

The dashboard is where you can get an overview of your entire Pardot account. Here, you can see the number of prospects you created and your opportunities. You will also have your own marketing calendar, where you can create and view important events readily.

Getting Started with Pardot’s Dashboard

Once you log in to Pardot, you will instantly be taken to the Dashboard. It is comprised of the following sections:

  • Notifications – This is the blue area on top of the dashboard. Important releases and announcements appear here. Data inside the Notifications section remains the same across all Pardot users.
  • Reporting Graph – This section appears below the Notifications bar. You can get a glimpse of the following important data through this graph:
    • Conversions
    • Prospects Created
    • All Prospects
    • Opportunities Created
  • Marketing Calendar – This section lets you view your scheduled events, webinars, social posts, and emails.

Navigating through the Dashboard Elements

Simply log in to your Pardot account to instantly access the Dashboard. No fancy navigation is needed.

Pardot features an easy-to-use dashboard, and here’s how to navigate and use it. Explanations are broken down according to its sections:

  • Notifications

Click on a detail to view full information about it. You can also click Dismiss to permanently hide your notifications in the future.

  • Reporting Graph

You can switch between the graphs you want to view. Simply click each of the four blue links at the right side of the graph. These links correspond to Prospects Created, Conversions, Opportunities Created, and All Prospects, respectively.

  • Marketing Calendar

The dashboard lets you have a two-week view of your calendar. Click the small View Full Calendar link at the bottom right of the screen if you wish to navigate through a one-month calendar.

To create a new event, navigate to the Full Calendar mode and click on the orange +Create New Event button. A pop-up menu appears, and here you can set the custom date, time, links, icon, or background color you want. For standard activities, color codes are as follows:

  • Pink – Eventbrite
  • Green – Emails
  • Blue – Social Messages
  • Purple – Webinars

For existing events, you may hover over each event on the calendar to see its details, such as click through rates or attendance rates. You can also click through reports or detail screens through these events.

Summing It Up

Pardot’s Dashboard is an effective and user-friendly tool that provides a quick view of your sales and marketing activities. It has lots of useful features that make managing your business activities a breeze.

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