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IBM and Salesforce Join Forces in Artificial Intelligence

Major IT giants IBM and Salesforce forged a partnership to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence to help companies create fast and smart decisions for their clients. This partnership was announced in March 2017 and was reinforced in January 2018.

Customer Engagement Made More Intelligent

IBM has Watson, a powerful business AI platform. Salesforce has Einstein, another powerful AI platform meant for customer relations management. Under this integration, these two artificial intelligence technologies will connect together to improve customer engagement throughout different businesses.

The ultimate goal of this strategic partnership between Salesforce and IBM is enhanced customer engagement through artificial intelligence.

What’s Watson and Einstein?

IBM’s Watson uses cognitive computing, a system that learns by experience and senses, similar to how humans learn. This enables organizations to mobilize their professionals to success and improve their respective industries.

Meanwhile, Salesforce’s Einstein uses data from existing business processes to create automated solutions, recommendations, and predictions for businesses. Using Einstein saves valuable time so that business professionals can connect with their customers all the more.

How the Integration Will Work

Insights from both Watson and Einstein will be combined together to form better pictures of customer’s needs across different industries, such as marketing, sales, commerce, and service. Structured and unstructured data insights from Watson will be combined with Einstein’s comprehensive customer insights to enable its users to make intelligent business solutions.

For example, a garments retailer wants to send highly personalized email campaigns to a targeted demographic of young adult shoppers. The retailer can use Einstein’s database of personalized preferences and shopper’s data with Watson’s database of information about the local garments industry to come up with a campaign that’s right for his young adult customers. He can then use Salesforce to launch his personalized email campaigns in an automated way.

Salesforce and IBM are working together to integrate other aspects of their respective artificial intelligence systems with each other, such as:

  • Application Integration Suite data being accessible in Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success platform
  • Lightning component for IBM’s The Weather Company on the Salesforce AppExchange
  • IBM’s Bluewolf for the deployment of the combined Einstein and Watson AIs

In a Nutshell

Salesforce and IBM team up to create smarter solutions for businesses with the help of artificial intelligence. The merging of Watson and Einstein will help businesses understand their customers better and respond to the ever-changing needs of every industry – be it sales, marketing, or services.

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