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How to Install Engage Alerts Desktop in Pardot

Isn’t it great if you can monitor your prospects’ sales and marketing engagement activity in real-time? Prospect activity gives you a clue-in on the things they’re doing on your website or elsewhere your business is running online. These data can become valuable information that leads you to decipher and analyze your prospects’ activity and its future impact on your business sales and marketing.

Salesforce Engage has come up with Engage Alerts desktop to help marketers and users do the monitoring quickly and easily. This post will explain more on what Engage Alerts Desktop is, and how is it installed and configured for ready use.

What Is Engage Alerts?

Salesforce Engage Alerts is a service that notifies you of various prospect activities that might interest you. Alerts uses pre-set criteria to determine which prospect activities to display. Alerts then shows you the activities in real-time using small cards arranged in a column view. The columns can be customized by adding, editing, and deleting them to suit your notification needs.

Installing and Enabling Engage Alerts Desktop

Engage Alerts Desktop is easy to install. Follow these steps on how to do it:

  1. Go to the Engage Sales Tools page. Please contact your administrator because the page must be configured first before you can access and use it.
  2. Click on the download link for Engage Alerts Desktop. Be sure to choose the right download link applicable to your computer, whether it be a Mac or a Windows PC.
  3. Proceed to installing the file.
  4. Once done, hit Log in with Salesforce.
  5. Type in the username and password you have for Salesforce, then select Log in with Salesforce.

You will then be taken to Engage Alerts page. You may then proceed to defining criteria that will determine what prospect activity information the cards will display. Three criteria need to be set:

  • Geographic Criteria
  • Leads and Contacts Criteria
  • Activity Criteria

All of these can easily be set and changed in the Engage Alerts Desktop interface.

In summary, Engage Alerts Desktop is an easy way to check prospect’s real-time engagement activities. Using this feature allows you to learn more about how your prospects behave towards your marketing and sales strategies. And installing it is easy and fast, so you can monitor your prospects readily without the fuss.

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