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How to install push to tout button in Salesforce

The Push to Tout button is part of the ToutApp for Salesforce. This app enables you to email your leads and contacts with personalized templates and to track how they are engaged. The app also comes with analytics tools.

The Push to Tout button takes a list of your contacts and leads and then pushes them into a group found in the Tout App. The group email of course is customizable and it comes with Tout Tracking.

Tout App Installation Requirements

You need to install the ToutApp before you can see the Push to Tout button on Salesforce. The ToutApp package needs to be installed by your Admin. After that, you will have to install the Push to Tout button on your home page. Obviously, you will need a Salesforce connection.

Installing the Push to Tout Button

After installing the ToutApp package, you now have access to the Tout buttons, which includes Push to Tout.
Here are the steps to install the Push to Tout button:

  • Go to the drop down menu under your name.
  • Click setup from the drop down.
  • Go to Customize > Leads > Search Layouts.
  • Find « Leads List View » and click « Edit » (the one right next to it).
  • You’ll see a custom buttons window.
  • From there you should select Push to Tout. Click the right arrow, which places Push to Tout in the Selected Buttons box.
  • Click Save.
  • Now you have the Push to Tout Button installed on your Salesforce.

Note that you will have to go over the same process for each opportunity, lead, account, and contact on your list.

To use Push to Tout, go to the Lead/Contact tab. Next you should toggle to list view and click Go.

Next, select the contacts and leads you need and then click Push to Tout. Select “proceed to group” in the window that comes up.

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