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How to Install and Set Up Salesforce® Engage

Sales and marketing are two inseparable aspects of a business. Good business sales start with excellent marketing efforts. Hence, these two key company departments must work together to drive a company to fruitful success.

Marketing and sales must be managed collaboratively in order to bring substantial results. This is where Salesforce Engage kicks in. Engage is Salesforce Pardot’s software solution that integrates the management of both sales and marketing in one effective and collaborative program.

Salesforce Engage in a Nutshell

Salesforce Engage is a Pardot feature that helps marketing teams analyze their prospective and existing customers’ behavior, through inputs made by the sales team. Engage speaks for itself; it helps marketers and salespersons in finding ways on how to actively engage their customers and prospects through proper data analysis and management.

Salesforce Engage is a special personalized feature that is included in the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Installing Engage for Administrators

Salesforce Administrators are authorized to install and configure Engage for their org. If you are one, please follow the steps outlined below. Also, kindly check that you also carry Pardot Administrator roles before you proceed:

  1. Download Pardot AppExchange package application. Installation links are provided in this help link:
  2. Check and review everything before proceeding to the main installation work.
  3. Click Install to start the process.
  4. Pay attention to Step 2 of the installation process, wherein you will be asked about access to Engage. Salesforce recommends choosing the Grant Access to Admins Only option. However, you may also choose Grant Access to
  5. Specific Profiles if your situation calls for it.
  6. Continue through the wizard until the package has been fully installed.
  7. Apply permission sets and object permissions manually in Salesforce. This must be done in order for Pardot data to access Salesforce and your Pardot Connector to work properly.
  8. Apply Pardot Connector User Permission set, as well as the Standard Object and Field Permissions.
  9. Check your finished permission sets by going to Setup – Manage Users – Permission Sets.

You have now successfully installed Salesforce Engage. You may now start working on linking your Salesforce users to Pardot users to officially merge the two together and start working as a whole.

Salesforce Engage can be easily installed and used in a few clicks. Once it’s on your computer, managing sales data and marketing efforts now becomes easier and better.

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