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What is Interaction Log in Salesforce

Salesforce users can use interaction logs to update cases on different primary tabs. This post will tackle interaction logs in more detail.

Definition of Interaction Log

An interaction log enables a Salesforce agent to take notes on various records. These records are the ones that appear on primary tabs. The user can create and customize different interaction logs for each task field.

Interaction logs are a part of the Case Page Layout / Case Feed. They enable agents to log their notes and view them whenever the need arises.

Uses of Interaction Logs

When cases appear on the primary tab, the Salesforce user can create valuable notes about these cases using the interaction log.

Interaction logs are also useful for other users that need to view a case. They’re able to customize and update the interaction log to fit the situations the case calls for.

Interaction logs are also a great resource whenever a customer needs something or demands a service. The handling agent can utilize the noted on the Interaction log to learn more about the customer’s needs, making him better equipped to tackle the changing needs of his customer.

Admins handling their Salesforce Agents can use interaction logs to gauge how well an interaction with a customer had been.

Agents who take down notes on interaction logs after customer calls or chats also provide valuable first-hand information on customer preferences, making their interaction logs a great resource for sales and marketing research.

Setting Up Interaction Logs

  1. Navigate to Setup.
  2. Go to the Quick Find Box and type Interaction Log Layouts.
  3. Click on Interaction Log Layouts. The user will then be taken to another interface.
  4. Hit the New button.
  5. Type a name for the interaction log.
  6. Choose the needed task fields then hit Add.
  7. Choose the Set as default layout option if this interaction log will be the default one for all the users.
  8. Hit Save.

A new interaction log is then created for the specific task field. This interaction log can then be assigned to certain user profiles and can be toggled on to display them.

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