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Introducing Distributed Marketing from Salesforce

With industries becoming more and more competitive these days, businesses are heavily investing in tools and technologies that’ll enable them to run their operations seamlessly; add to this foster industry partnerships and improve customer engagement practices. This is where distributed marketing enters the picture.

 What is Distributed Marketing? 

It’s rare for businesses to offer all customer services from internal sources. Plenty of them work with third-party agencies may it be in the form of partnerships, franchises, suppliers, advisors, and the like. With so many entities working to satisfy the same clients, it can be quite challenging to provide the same level of customer service across the board.

But with distributed marketing, a business can create a service standard on Salesforce and share this with their partner agencies. In doing so, everyone will be on the same page and will become better equipped to provide a more consistent customer journey. As a result, clients won’t feel that they are working with several different companies but one well-oiled machine.

 Benefit for Brands 

For businesses that utilize this Salesforce component, they can benefit by ensuring that everyone they’re working with are able to comply with their brand guidelines not to mention their company standards. By sharing their distinct consumer journey plan, they can also align with their partners ensuring that the latter will be knowledgeable should they have special offers or promos available.

With the help of this tool, everyone on the team, even those without experience in digital marketing, can easily understand and practice being a digital marketer. In doing so, all processes become more seamless and everyone will also have a better understanding of all generated analytics. Not only will everyone on board be better able to interact with customers but they will also gain better insights when it comes to campaign development.

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