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MapAnything is Now Salesforce Maps: Better Territory Planning

MapAnything is now Salesforce Maps. This is due to the fact that Salesforce acquired it back in April 2019. MapAnything is not the first start up that was built on Salesforce’s platform.

The announcement of the acquisition didn’t include how much Salesforce actually paid to seal the deal. However, judging by the latest funding round by MapAnything we can say that the value was something over $84 million.

Not a Surprising Move After All

This acquisition didn’t really come as a surprise to people who have been paying attention. The products developed by MapAnything have always been available through the AppExchange store under the Salesforce platform.

But that wasn’t the only telltale sign that was about. MapAnything was also granted ISV Premier Partner as well as a Salesforce SI Partner as well.

What is MapAnything

MapAnything was a company that was based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since it was built using the Salesforce platform we know that it is an artificial intelligence software and services provider.

As the name of the original company implied, MapAnything serves other companies by creating workflows that are location based. It wouldn’t be that hard to see that this technology will be very beneficial when it comes to providing service calls and also in sales.

The software service basically allows a company to field their workforce. In simple terms, it helps companies determine how much workforce they would need in certain locations and know exactly which tools are needed by their representatives to provide customer success.

Effects of This Acquisition

With the entry of Salesforce Maps (formerly MapAnything), Salesforce is now able to extend both Service Cloud as well as Sales Cloud on a location based platform.

This new platform enhancement will help companies to accurately plan their manpower needs. It will also empower them to track workforce activity more efficiently and of course in real time.

For fleet management companies, this would allow them to geographically monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles and monitor shipments in real time. Other companies can derive better value especially those within the mobile workforce sector.

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