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Marc Benioff on Salesforce’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

Communities keep a great company in business, so why not give back in whatever way possible?

This is the philosophy behind Marc Benioff’s decision to support the Proposition C ballot measure of San Francisco, California. As Co-CEO of the tech giant Salesforce, he says, « Companies have a responsibility, not just to make money, but to serve their communities. »


Serious Problems in San Francisco

Salesforce’s Benioff is well-aware of the serious humanitarian problems that plague San Francisco amidst the rise of successful tech companies in the city. Homelessness, poverty, and inequality continue to destroy several communities in the midst of flourishing businesses and tech advancements.

Around 7,500 people are displaced and have no homes in the city as of this time. Around 30,000 people are projected to be evicted from their residences.

This situation is quite paradoxical for San Francisco, and Benioff wants to help in any way he can to end these serious crises in San Francisco.

San Francisco Has Means to Rise Up from Homelessness

Benioff believes that San Francisco can afford to keep homelessness at bay – the city is home to several successful companies like Salesforce, after all. These companies are worth billions of dollars in revenue, making San Francisco one of the wealthiest business capitals in the world. So, Benioff thinks that his company, along with many others, must have a strong commitment to social responsibility and help eradicate homelessness in whatever way possible.

Salesforce Votes Yes for Prop C

Proposition C is a ballot measure that aims to eradicate homelessness by increasing allocated funds for it. These funds will come from a 0.5% increase in company tax for corporations with more than $50 million in annual revenue.

Salesforce is one of the companies who graciously vote yes on Proposition C. Benioff sees no harm in the impending tax increase for his company. He views it as a good start to make Salesforce even more committed to its social responsibility.

In Summary

Benioff wants his company to continue its philosophy of giving back to the community. His strong stance on supporting Prop C cements his resolve to make a change in the world, starting within San Francisco, through his company. After all, Salesforce would not have become the tech giant it is today without the generous support of the San Francisco community. So for Benioff, why not give back?

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