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Marketing Analytics Is Broken. Salesforce Is Fixing It with AI (And IoT)

Marketers know that they need to collect various kinds of customer-related data in order to facilitate the conception of an effective marketing strategy and campaign. However, research revealed that only 1-3% of these large amounts of data are ever used by marketers. The bulk of the unused data sits idle on the databases of marketers, yet they wonder why they find it so hard to reach out to their prospects and clients in the most personalized way.

This is where artificial intelligence powered by Salesforce Einstein enters.

Fixing It with AI

Salesforce lines its CRM products carefully with Einstein, the artificial intelligence arm of the company. Einstein is being incorporated into the Marketing Cloud as well to help improve marketing analytics.

Machine-aided analysis of billions of customer-related data can help marketers in utilizing every customer information that they painstakingly collected and encoded. With Salesforce’s Einstein technology, they won’t have to worry about manually analyzing each data they have; Einstein would automatically scan data and offer recommendations based on its own data analysis systems.

Einstein powers Salesforce’s unique segmentation as well as multivariate tools to help do all these analysis jobs. Marketing effectiveness drastically improved since Einstein’s use, making it an invaluable tool to fix the manual broken system of current marketing analytics.

Internet of Things Lends a Helping Hand, Too

Einstein works with another smart machine-driven system called Internet of Things (IoT) to make marketing analysis faster and easier. The use of smart IoT objects such as smartphones, smart TVs, smart watches, and even smart speakers can play an active role in data collection, which Einstein then collectively analyzes inside the Marketing Cloud platform.

IoTs can capture extremely personalized data about customer activities, which leads to a specificity in data collection and ultimately paves the way for warm and personalized customer experiences in the end.


IoT and artificial intelligence can play a big role in managing marketing analysis efforts. Using Salesforce’s Einstein technology can help utilize the humongous amount of data that marketers need to analyze, leading to better marketing strategies and the ultimate growth of the client company.

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