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What is Mini View in Salesforce

Salesforce provides users a way to quickly view multiple records and related information in one screen. This is called the Salesforce Console. Its elements include List View, Detail View, and Mini View. This post will concentrate on what Mini View is, and how it is used within the Console.

What’s the Salesforce Mini View?

Salesforce Mini View provides users small record previews that are visible once the mouse pointer is hovered over a record name. The Mini View presents the records related to the main detail records. These related records show up on a small panel through a mini page layout.

Enabling Mini View

Mini views can be enabled and customized to show records that are directly related to the foremost detail records. Here is an overview of how mini views are opened in Salesforce Console:

Console Layouts must first be enabled to use the mini views feature. Do this by searching for Console Layouts in the Quick Find Box under Setup. Create a new console layout from there and save. Then, edit the new console layout by adding or removing the desired objects that will be viewed in the console.

Now, mini views can be enabled for related records that are used in the console. Go to the Quick Find Box and type the related object’s name. Select Page Layouts from the list that appears. Select a layout name, then hit Mini Console View. Records that are associated with the related object will then appear. Select which ones to include in the mini view, and click Save.

Considerations in Salesforce Console Mini View

Using the Mini View is actually simple, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky. Keep these pointers in mind before using Console and Mini View:

  • Mini view can only be used for related records. If the main records seen in the Console’s detail view doesn’t have any related records, the mini view will not be displayed.
  • Only records with defined lookup relationships are allowed to show up in the mini view display.
  • Records that will be shown in mini view can be ordered and re-ordered according to the user’s preference. Simply click on the arrows up and down present in the record’s box while configuring mini view.
  • Selecting a few records and fields makes the console mini view faster to use. It also keeps the end-users from scrolling up and down the mini view page.

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