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What Is NetSuite Connector in Pardot

Most of the time, your business’s marketing projects need lots of customer and prospect data. These data might then be stored and managed from various CRM platforms. But how would you properly manage your marketing solutions if your data is scattered across several platforms?

In Salesforce Pardot, connecting to other search platforms and third-party apps becomes easier with NetSuite Connector. What is this feature, and how can it help you manage your data more effectively?

What Is NetSuite Connector?

Pardot’s NetSuite Connector feature enables you to link your Pardot data with other CRM systems. NetSuite is actually a software-as-a-service provider that allows you to manage a wide variety of business processes in one go. It lets you store an ample amount of customer-related data and helps you track CRMs like Salesforce.

If you’re using both NetSuite and Salesforce in storing and managing your marketing-related data, you can sync them together using the NetSuite Connector. With the NetSuite Connector, you’re able to collaboratively work with a vast amount of stored prospect data that will make your marketing efforts easier and simpler.

Why Use NetSuite Connector?

Here are some advantages of using NetSuite Connector in Salesforce Pardot:

  • Managing lots of data on one CRM program only can be daunting. You’ll most likely need another CRM manager to help you keep track of pertinent prospect data. That is why having data stored and managed both in Salesforce and NetSuite is a sound idea.
  • NetSuite Connector’s main advantage is its ability to manage your existing data in various platforms easily. This allows for greater idea exchange, and leads to more successful marketing strategies and projects for your company.
  • NetSuite Connector saves you from the hassle of not knowing enough data for a certain marketing project you have in mind. Instead of endlessly searching through tons of related prospect information on Pardot and on NetSuite, you simply have to activate the NetSuite Connector, and you’ll be able to swiftly manage related information and get the data you need to complete your marketing and sales projects.
  • NetSuite Connector is also easy to activate. All you need to do is log in to Pardot and create a new connector through the Administration tab. From there, you just need to input your NetSuite username, password, account ID, and CRM Role ID. Select your preferences, save everything, and verify if your NetSuite Connector is. Now, your new NetSuite Connector is up and running.

Data management is made simpler and easier through NetSuite Connectors in Pardot. Never get lost through a jungle of jumbled data once again, because all of your NetSuite and Pardot data are synced in through NetSuite Connector.

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