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New Tokyo Salesforce Tower Will Add 2,000 New Jobs Over Next Five Years

Salesforce has a long and rich history with Japan. You can say that the Japan office has been around from very early years of the company.

A year after Salesforce was founded in San Francisco, the company began its foray internationally. The first place the company touched down on was in Japan.

Big Strides From Humble Beginnings

The Japan office was no less than a pioneering effort. The location was Tokyo, right where the action is. How many people were in the team? There were only three.

You would think that they would be outgunned in such a fast-paced working environment in Japan. However the team pulled through. Today the team in the Japan office is more than 1,500 strong.

The Japan team has volunteered more than 140,000 hours of service to education groups and nonprofit organizations.

As a proverbial cherry on the icing came the award for the Tokyo office as the #1 Great Place to Work in Japan.

This award from Great Place to Work Institute Japan was a nice intro to the announcement that Salesforce will add 2,000 new jobs on the Tokyo office in the coming years.

Bearing the Standard

The additional 2,000 team expansion will more than double the workforce in Salesforce Tower Tokyo. The business complex will be located at the Nippon Life Marunouchi Garden Tower.

It is a picturesque location and very strategic too. There is direct access to public transport, places of interest are close by, and the Imperial Palace and Gardens is in view.

The new Salesforce Tokyo office will be built according to the company’s Ohana standards. A strong connection with Mother Nature will be emphasized in the design.

There will be lots of natural lighting, clear open spaces, and even mindfulness rooms where people can quiet their thoughts and meditate. The top floors are the Ohana Floors, which double up as events floors that can be used by education and nonprofit groups during weekends at no cost.

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