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New Trailhead Module to Shed Light on Inclusive Marketing and Equality

Equality is crucial in fostering harmonious relationships anywhere, from the workplace to the community as a whole. Salesforce continually comes up with ways to encourage equality in the way businesses treat their customers and their communities. And last February 2019, the tech giant launched their new Trailhead Module for encouraging equality: Inclusive Marketing Principles module.

What is Inclusive Marketing and why did Salesforce create a module about this topic? We’ll learn more in this short article.

Inclusive Marketing Overview

Inclusive Marketing is defined as the creation of content that reflects and respects various diverse communities that a particular business serves. It is a marketing concept that puts emphasis on relaying equality through content that can resonate with people across all races, backgrounds, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, and ethnicity.

The concept has 6 guiding principles, namely:

  • Tone – Creating marketing content with a respectful style and sentiment.
  • Language – Using language thoughtfully to convey messages that cover all regional and/or cultural contexts as much as possible.
  • Representation – Presenting diversified images and characters in ads and similar content to represent all possible people identities.
  • Context – Creating appropriate content with respect to cultural/historical influences and to the order and hierarchy of the content’s subjects.
  • Appropriation – Avoiding cultural appropriation by not taking aspects of minority cultures in marketing contents without researching and honoring the importance and meaning behind these aspects.
  • Counter-Stereotyping – Shattering stereotypes by presenting marketing images that challenge prejudiced attitudes, generalized opinions, and uncritical judgments.

The end goal of Inclusive Marketing is to foster equality, ignite positive social change, and bring to light the diverse voices of all people, especially those who are underrepresented and marginalized.

Why is Inclusive Marketing Significant?

Salesforce understands that one of marketing’s ultimate goals is reaching as many people as possible. Inclusive Marketing helps realize this goal because this kind of marketing spans all the diversified people identities regardless of characteristics or attributes that make them a bit different from the “mainstream” people. Inclusive Marketing encourages a culture of equality and gives a louder voice to the underrepresented and marginalized sectors of society.

Summing It Up

Salesforce released a new Trailhead module that can help marketers in creating contents that respect the values, cultures, and identities of several marginalized and stereotyped people. The Inclusive Marketing Practices module presents 6 main principles that can truly lift off stereotypes, prevent bias, and promote equality for everyone.

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