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NSW Government Signs New Deals with Salesforce, Microsoft

Moreover, it has re-launched telco buying arrangements in order to synchronize purchasing mobile, internet services, landline, and fixed date after a hiatus of four years.

Greg Well, the chief information and digital officer of the NSW government, said that these non-mandatory government-wide deals aim to benefit from bulk buying power in order to obtain the best price.

New Microsoft Deal

The Microsoft deal replaces its current enterprise deal for the entire NSW government that included licences for cloud services like Azure and on-premise software.

NSW agencies were informed not to buy insignificant products and solutions from Microsoft back in May as they renegotiated the agreement. This new deal will go on for three years.

New Salesforce Deal

In the same way, the new Salesforce deal will allow “cloud-based applications” to become available to agencies over the next four years.

To maintain their currency, all these new deals include “built in pricing review mechanisms.” As for the telco deals, it allows flexibility to make sure that new suppliers are able to participate as the market evolves and technology changes.

Wells said that these deals do not compel anyone into using these providers and that the agencies can still have their choice.

 Telco Panels Return

The telecommunications purchasing arrangements or TPAs are the new telco buying deals, which mark a comeback to buying telco panel in the NSW.

The five-year deals have been made with eight early suppliers: Digital Distribution Australia or DDA, Telstra, MyNetFone, TPG, Vocus, Optus, Vertel, and Transgrid.

The NSW government dropped its previous government telecommunications agreements or GTAs for a private sector “dealer” to review purchases of the agencies in 2014.

That panel, however, is made up of much more panelists at 61 vendors.

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