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Nuggets of Inspirational Thoughts for Business Growth

Salesforce is a strong believer in the power of positive mindset to reach business goals and hasten the company’s growth. Hence, they have compiled some inspirational quotes related to business growth so that aspiring entrepreneurs may never lose sight of their dreams and hopes. These are nuggets of business wisdom gleaned from business leaders within Salesforce and outside the company.

Here are three of the most compelling inspirational words that Salesforce has collected.

Digitization for Business Growth

Salesforce had a 2018 interview with Isobar US CEO Geoff Cubitt. He mentioned the following words about company digitization:

Cubitt goes on to say that companies adapting to a digital-based business model have higher chances of monetizing various digital channels, can attract larger customer bases, and have a better chance of surviving company crisis and disruption.

Indeed, digitization is an important part of business growth. It spans all business niches regardless of the industry. This is why even small businesses are encouraged to use modern computing tools to automate their business processes. This will yield better customer experiences, utmost brand loyalty, and improvement in revenue and reputation.

It All Starts with Motivation

Harvard professor, business consultant, and “Disruptive Innovation” theorist Clayton Christensen has these to say regarding the roots of innovation:

A business manned by highly-motivated individuals has a higher chance of creating innovative things that can eventually displace an existing market. These innovations pave the way for creativity, change, and uniqueness in whatever industry the business is in. Business growth kicks in because of innovation, and it all starts with the motivation to create unique services and products to address the needs of end-customers.

Leading by Example

Salesforce’s VP of Employee Marketing & Engagement, Jody Kohner, shares her thoughts on inspiring leadership within a business team:

Employees want to feel inspired by their leaders. Hire individuals who will lead by example.”

Leaders who influence and inspire their colleagues have a huge chance of propelling their businesses into rapid growth. Inspired employees work doubly hard to reach the goals they’ve set for the improvement of a company. Hence, it is crucial to have corporate leaders who are not afraid to set good examples for their employees to follow and be inspired with.

The Takeaway

Three business leaders have given words of wisdom to help businesses develop into their fullest potentials. According to them, digitization, motivation, and inspirational leadership are all key factors in business growth. Combine these three together and you’ll get a well-rounded business strategy focused not just on company growth, but on customer satisfaction and employee wellness too.

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