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OCTAL’s PET Resin provides customers with a clear and optically superior end product by using new architectural technology. The spherical shape of our resin allows for more even heat absorption and eliminates surface dust formation. The resin morphology helps in highly improve thermal profile in downstream processing.

OCTAL’s DPET™ was conceived on the idea that the sustained growth of clear rigid packaging requires a strategic investment in capacity, proprietary technology and innovation. 

OCTAL is the world’s largest producer of PET sheet and resin on a single site and the world’s leading clear rigid packing material supplier. Today the company has sales people all around the world and want to be able to help them be more productive and give visibility about their activities to the management.


Octal wanted a centralized system where the sales team could track all their activities and pipeline. Also, they wanted to define a very structured lead qualification process to manage all the prospect in a consistent way.

The Octal sales users are all over the world and their different business channels are using different systems. It was difficult for the management to have a single view to see the performance of the company across the regions. There was no unified visibility on sales activities and upcoming pipeline.

Bringing users of different systems to a new platform and making them use a new system was another challenge. So, the system had to be intuitive, easy to use, and most importantly productive for the sales process to have a positive response from the team.

Octal has three major product lines that include PET Sheets, Resin, and Thermoforming. They wanted to manage the sales processes on the unified platform without interfering with the other teams. This has lead to a complex security model which includes restriction based on profiles, roles as well as product categories and countries/locations

salesforce customer story cloudworks
salesforce customer story cloudworks
salesforce customer story cloudworks
salesforce customer story cloudworks
salesforce customer story cloudworks


Cloudworks built a strong yet easy-to-use system. Implementing lead qualification process and Opportunity lifecycle while automating notification on each stage, making sure users’ day to day activities are streamlined. The solution is helping the users keeping track of individual records and plan their next step and attend every single action based on the notifications, making sure not a single lead/opportunity is falling through the crack.

A flexible and robust security model helped Octal onboard all business teams from different product channels. All the stakeholders within same business model have visibility of their own team without interfering or seeing the activities from the different product team, which could be irrelevant. This has created and isolated, yet collaborative model for Octal, suiting exactly the way Octal operates globally.

The extensive activity management was built for Octal by delivering a multiple automated notifications/escalations on sales users’ task/activity follow-ups. In addition to that, the detailed reporting and Dashboard components to give visual KPI measurement gave a perfect visibility to the management.

We have setup salesforce lighting interface based on Octal sales process which makes it now much more user-friendly and productive. 

For the change management, by keeping the admin and top-level users involved and engaged throughout the entire implementation process, the system is now inline with the users’ expectations. 

The train the trainer approach gave the super users ownership and made them able to train other peers whenever required while Cloudworks is supporting them behind the scenes.

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