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Cloudworks becomes a Salesforce Platinum Partner!

We are proud to announce that Cloudworks has been awarded the Platinum Partner Status by Salesforce!

This amazing recognition has been reached by the team in less than 3.5 years. This is the first time, in the GCC, that a partner reaches this level of partnership in such a short span of time! It makes Cloudworks the fastest growing partner in the GCC and we plan on growing even faster within the next few years 🙂

What a journey!

Since 2015 so many things have happened: 120+ projects successfully delivered, extraordinary customers met, upgrading office every year thanks to our growth to welcome amazing new people, opening of offices in the U.K and Saudi Arabia, 60+ certifications in nearly all the Salesforce products…. The whole list would take more than a post actually, maybe even more than a website!

From SMBs to now multinational projects we have had a blast working with fantastic companies that are disrupting their industry and constantly innovating.

We love our job, we love our team!

It is a real pleasure coming to the office everyday and working with a bunch of extremely passionate, dedicated and awesome individuals. How better could it be than feeling home in your office? I think that’s the main reason we have reached this milestone. Obviously it is never about the individual, but always about the individuals working together and making our company what it is today: a cool, open minded and fast paced place where people thrive and grow doing what they love.

Salesforce, Salesforce, Salesforce!

A big thanks to the Salesforce team which has been more than a partner since we started. It is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate our team and the EMEA Salesforce team. It seems that we are (or they are :-)) just an extension of this great company! Salesforce is a role model in terms of growth which always sets the bar high and makes us achieve always more.

So much more to say but that’s not Cloudworks, we prefer acting so I’ll finish by thanking again our fantastic customers, our great partners and last but not least our great people!

Stayed tuned for the next achievement and get in touch to be part of our successful customers!

Souphien Akhrif,

Cloudworks Managing Dir…. oh forget about that… just another happy Cloudworks’ guy! Who cares about titles 😉

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