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PledgeOne Has Grown to More Than 8500 Companies

The Tuesday following Thanksgiving and just after the more recognized Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events, the US celebrate #GivingTuesday. This wonderful day is the start of the charitable season – a time for people to focus on giving during the coming festive holidays. Since its launch in 2012, people from all works of life have given more than $1 billion to #GivingTuesday causes. It has grown into a movement that supports and celebrates philanthropy and giving and is marked by annual events.


One of the causes that were launched during 2014 #GivingTuesday is PledgeOne. And after only four short years, PledgeOne has received the pledge of more than 8,500 companies from more than 100 countries all over the world. This shows that the spirit of giving is still alive and these pledges have helped a lot of people in need. PledgeOne created a new and fresh business paradigm – that is of giving back.

How Pledge One Works

Basically, PledgeOne requests a business to pledge 1% of the company’s time, product, or equity to charity. The process is pretty simple. The company takes the pledge on PledgeOne’s site and answers a quick survey to determine which resources the company can pledge. PledgeOne provides one-on-one guidance, case studies, and resources so that the pledging company can map out the pledge announcement and the program strategy.

What to Pledge and Who Receives?

The company pledging to PledgeOne can pledge company equity, personal equity as founder, or a combination. Some companies pledge time through traditional hands-on volunteering, skills-based or pro bono giving, and workforce development. Companies may also give products to non-profit organizations as well as services. Salesforce has always been supportive of philanthropic activities and was part of the launching of PledgeOne in 2014. PledgeOne has been using Salesforce applications in their programs.

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