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Project Managers and Workers: How Can Salesforce DX Help You

Salesforce DX is often described as a development platform. However, if anything, it actually has more going for it compared to other traditional development environments.

Some would describe it as more of a paradigm with its own suite of accompanying tools. Anyone who has ever tried it can say that it is nothing short of a modern user experience for both workers and project managers. Salesforce DX is a development environment that was introduced alongside other investments such as the Einstein Platform.

Version Control – a New Philosophy

If you have been paying attention to the announcements, one message has been quite pervasive – version control. The idea is to provide new ways to collaborate with your team and to collaborate more effectively. The main thrust and huge advantage introduced here is better source control.

This brings with it a lot of benefits for both managers and workers. The benefits include a truly agile release process, disaster recovery, a more efficient audit, and a dynamic collaboration process.
Imagine this for a minute: It allows you to collaborate with other team members and even across different divisions without overwriting each other’s work. Version control allows you to keep better track of your code and its history. In case you need to roll back to previous versions, you can easily access the backup files and other versions of your software.

Other than version control, another overlapping fundamental philosophy and feature is included in DX, which is they call clicks no code. This allows managers, analysts, and others to embed their ideas and expertise into an app being developed without necessarily figuring out how to code – well, because they don’t need to.
They can introduce an idea, feature, or product detail. After that it can be evaluated by everyone in the team. Finally, workers can work in the code as needed for testing and later implementation.

What is Salesforce DX, Really?

We have to emphasize here that this new product is still a continuously evolving creature, so to speak. New features are being added and that makes it an exciting new environment in the world of project development.

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