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Redefining Customer Experience with Powerful Business Applications

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted: “iOS + Salesforce = powerful tools and customer experiences right on iPhone and iPad. Changing the way business is done!”

Salesforce and Apple are working together to provide powerful apps and first-rate customer experiences that are exclusive to Apple devices. According to Cook, this collaboration is exciting because as the leading CRM will produce exclusive features on both the iPhone and iPad that is native to the powerful iOS.

This means that enterprises and customers will have access to the finest software and hardware for business. The main goal of both companies is to deliver excellent customer experiences all over the world.

To redefine customer experience, Salesforce and Apple will focus on the following areas:

  1. The Salesforce Mobile app on iPhones and iPads will be redesigned to utilize different features on the native iOS such as Business Chat, 3D Touch, Siri Shortcuts, Face ID, and many others.
  2. Trailhead Mobile App on iOS will be introduced as Apple’s learning platform along with other applications that will serve specific customer needs of small industries and businesses.
  3. Salesforce developers will be empowered and provided with tools to develop Salesforce Mobile SDK that will be optimized for Apple’s in-built programming language, Swift. The SDK will allow businesses and developers to create and implement iOS apps on the Lightning Platform.
  4. Developers will have accelerated learning and career progression with the soon-to-be launched trail Get Started with iOS App Development. This program will show all interested developers, regardless of background or education, how to create native iOS applications using Swift.

Both companies believe in providing equality in technology and empowering developers, businesses and customers. The introduction of developer tools will encourage learning and innovation while the inclusion of new features on the CRM platform on iOS will provide a richer customer experience.

Mark Benioff, Chairman and Co-CEO of Salesforce, says that he is inspired by Tim Cook’s leadership and vision. The best thing in this partnership, he adds, is that Einstein and Siri are “now friends”.

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