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What are Related Links and Hover Links in Salesforce

In the Salesforce interface, users might see these little links above certain buttons on a record detail’s page. Those links are called Related Links and Salesforce Hover Links. What are these and what do they do?

Defining Related Links and Hover Links

Records often have a detail page where users may view information about a certain record entry. The page contains tiny links at the very top of the window, just above the Edit, Delete, Sharing, and Work with Portal buttons. These links are the Related Links and Hover Links.

Hover links and related links contains lists that are related to the detail page. Hover links and related links are useful tools for when a user needs to immediately search for a certain detail and find it hard to scroll down the entire detail page. By using these links, users can quickly get to the information that they need.

How the Links Work

Each hover link contains a bracketed number which indicates how many related records it contains. Once a user hovers his mouse over a link, an interactive window opens. This window displays the records and information that the link holds. These are the same information within the details page; it’s just that the hover links conveniently separated the information for users so they don’t have to go scrolling around the entire page.

Clicking on a record in the hover link is just the same as scrolling through the entire details page, locating the same record and clicking on it. Think of the hover links as shortcuts to the vast number of information presented in the details page.

Configuring Related Links and Hover Links

Configure hover links by navigating to Customize > User Interface. Tick the checkbox for Enable Related List Hover Links. Ensure that Organization Wide is checked.

However, some users are unable to see the hovers even after it’s been set. To solve this, enter Accessibility on the Quick find box. Select Accessibility, then tick off the box to disable it.

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