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How to Run Enterprise App in Salesforce

Salesforce understands that you, as a customer champion, must make innovations possible to serve your customers better. People are always on-the-go today, so reaching out to them through mobile apps is a great way to connect and continue engagement with your customers.

Salesforce offers its users an easy way to build customer apps through its App Cloud and platforms. Once the apps are done, they are deployed on the AppExchange for customers to use and install onto their Salesforce accounts.

How do you run a newly-created Enterprise App in Salesforce? This short post will show you how.

Understanding AppExchange

AppExchange is an online application-sharing website from Salesforce. Enterprise apps created through the use of are deployed in this site for Salesforce users to see. Users may then pick apps that they think are useful to their organization. They may install these apps on their personal Salesforce platforms.

What Apps Can Be Run on Your Salesforce Org?

Virtually any app present on the AppExchange page can be installed directly to your org’s platform. These are all Enterprise apps creates through the platform and through the App Cloud as well.

Installing New Enterprise Apps in Salesforce

Follow these steps in installing your chosen deployed apps to your org platform:

  • Go to Alternatively, you may log in to your organization, locate the AppExchange link, and click it.
  • You will be taken to the AppExchange website.
  • Browse around for applications that are relevant to your organization.
  • Click on the Enterprise app that interests you. The app’s detail page will then appear. Review the app’s details and watch app demos as you wish to better understand the app you’re eyeing for.
  • If you decided to install the app, click on the green Get It Now button on the page’s right-hand corner.
  • Choose the environment type you want to use. It could either be the sandbox or the actual production environment.
  • You will then be prompted to enter information. Read the user terms before proceeding to install. Tick the checkbox to signify that you’ve read the app’s terms and conditions.
  • Click Install. Salesforce Sandbox users may alternatively click on the Submit button.

Salesforce now installs the app package on your own organization. While installing, you can review access to APIs, set various user permissions, and select app components relevant to you.

Salesforce allows users to install and run enterprise apps found on the AppExchange. By doing so, they are increasing an org’s potential to serve their customers better.

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