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Boost your sales by using the top-notch features of the world’s best CRM platform for sales, Salesforce Sales Cloud!


Sell Smart

Sales reps can sell smarter through the help of Salesforce Einstein, the sophisticated artificial intelligence behind this powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Salesforce Einstein automates data and insight gathering, then analyzes them to provide you with smart action suggestions and steps, as well as top leads and sales prospects.

Skyrocket Productivity

Highly customizable CRM system allows for maximum flexibility so you can continue selling and closing deals right from your desk and from the field. With Sales Cloud, sales reps can be productive anywhere, anytime.


Strike Deals on the Go

With Sales Cloud, you can multicast sales forecasts, action plans and team performances on any device and take them with you, on the go. Staying synched with sales reps also becomes easy so you can delegate tasks, track progress, provide advice, and offer incentives to strike deals successfully wherever they are.

Enhance Customer Experience

Integrate your marketing data with sales and service data to create a reliable, buyer-friendly selling process. With Sales Cloud, connecting all channels and leveling up the customer experience can be easy.

Take Sales Further

With Salesforce Lightning, you can unify your CPQ process with your customer support system. By automatically linking the sales process and customer support services, you can get better upsell opportunities and sell even more to the same customers.

Salesforce packs a list of power features into sales cloud.

Because Salesforce understands and lives up to the complexities of selling, Sales Cloud is packed with powerful features that will help boost the sales performance and delivery rates of sales reps from finding customers to closing deals.

Find opportunities, close more deals, and become top performers with Contact and Opportunity Management features:

Contact Management

Get a full view of your customer’s info, activity history, key contacts, recorded communications, and account discussion threads. Connect with and gain insights from customers’ social media accounts from within Salesforce. Match and track opportunities with gathered customer insights.

Opportunity Management

Get a full view of your team’s individual progress on deals and assignments. Track team progress and stay connected with valuable information and people that will help close more deals. Get access to information on products, stage, competition, and quotes.


Increase your conversion rates and revenue by getting more leads with these features: 

Lead Management

Track leads and reach them anytime by optimizing your campaigns for different channels including mobile.
Get smarter insights on where to invest and how to grow that investment.

Sales Data

Receive timely sales data from Data.com.
Obtain faster connection with key decision makers.
Get the latest, most accurate data needed to increase marketing productivity and close more sales.
Plan territories and make the most of your assets.

Accelerate productivity.

Set your team’s productivity into turbo mode no matter what place and time with these flexibility features:



Access your CRM system and all necessary sales data right from your phone or tablet. Your mobile device can serve as a portable sales office so you can log calls, view dashboards, check on leads, search opportunities, and work on closing deals wherever you are. Customize user experience to match your mobile’s brand with mySalesforce.

Workflow and Approvals

Easily design and automate your business processes and workflow using Visual Workflow’s simple drag-and-drop modeling. Design flexible approval processes for discounts, expenses, etc.


Make insightful decisions.

Make the best decisions for every opportunity by transforming sales data into actionable insights using these features:

Reports and Dashboards

Get access to your reports and dashboards wherever you go. Create and obtain detailed reports and view your business’ status through the dashboards.

Sales Forecasting

Access and view team forecasts in real-time. Use multicurrency support, in-line editing, override visibility, and much more for optimization.


Make the best decisions for every opportunity by transforming sales data into actionable insights using these features:

Files Sync and Share

Share files and contents in real time so you can discuss them and decide which is best to publish. Perform quick searches, secure sharing, and alerts subscriptions.

Wave App for Sales

This end-to-end analytics app integrates with Sales Cloud to deliver a new level of insight directly to any device. Quickly gain pipeline visibility, track team performance, and uncover opportunities to grow the business.



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