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Salesforce Acquires Rebel for Its Marketing and Commerce Cloud

In October 2018, announced that Salesforce has closed the agreement to buy Rebel (formerly Rebelmail). It is now one of the leading CRM vendor’s 50 plus acquisitions since 2006 and the fifth acquisition in 2018.

Reason for the Acquisition

As a new member of the Salesforce family, Rebel will become part of the Marketing Cloud operations. The main purpose is to improve and expand Marketing and Commerce Cloud’s features by integrating Rebel’s API (Application programming interface)-based services into the platform.

In their announcement post, the Rebel team noted:

Benefits that Rebel can Offer Salesforce

Rebel is known for creating interactive emails, where customers can perform a limited number of actions (and transactions) without leaving the messaging platform. The emails themselves act as extensions of the client websites.

In this kind of interactive emails, the target customers are able to write reviews, rate products, or make purchases without being redirected to the main website. This kind of feature can help in the following ways:

  • Make data collection easier and faster.

Customers no longer need to be redirected to another site, so they can give answers to questions or respond to requests right in their inbox.

  • Make the conversion process smoother.

Interactive mails can also allow customers to make purchases through their inbox. This functionality is commonly used for promotional emails and for sending shopping cart reminders. The strategy is to encourage shoppers to grab exclusive promotions and reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts.

  • Make a bigger impact on customers.

This interactive email technology is an innovation that customizes emails according to the client websites’ brand and culture. According to one of Rebel’s clients, they experienced a 55% increase in customer reviews since using interactive mails. This result only shows that interactive mails create a more effective impact on customers than traditional emails.

With these kinds of benefits, Salesforce’s Marketing and Commerce Cloud might be able to join the leading competitors and become the top choice for marketing and commerce platforms.

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