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Salesforce and Algorithms Determine what Billions of People Think and Do Each Day

Artificial intelligence has risen up in popularity in these recent years. Its ability to predict customer decisions and habits in the most accurate way possible has got several marketing and sales teams excited at its applications for their respective companies.

Einstein is Salesforce’s artificial intelligence platform created way back 2017. This powerful tool uses algorithms to enhance Salesforce’s CRM tools through predictive analysis of customer’s sales actions and decisions. Einstein has increasingly become sophisticated, enabling its users to fully utilize its powerful features for their individual company’s growth and development.

What Exactly Does Salesforce Einstein Do?

The addition of Einstein into Salesforce’s Intelligent Customer Platform has made it “the world’s smartest CRM”, as Salesforce dubs it to be. But how does Einstein work and how does it improve Salesforce’s services?

Salesforce Einstein utilizes various algorithms that enable it to study customer data and offer analysis that is as close to accurate as it can get. The algorithms mostly use machine learning (ML) and cognitive computing through artificial intelligence (AI) in order to come up with suggestions on how a company’s customers are likely to respond to marketing and sales strategies.

For instance, Einstein’s algorithms can help a marketing team tell who among the leads in their mailing list will likely open a sales email. It does so by analyzing the data connected with these leads, determining and predicting what these people think of the sales email through their past transaction records and sales activities.

Einstein also partners with other AI giants like IBM’s Watson in order to improve its analytical prowess. Their combined algorithms make Salesforce Einstein a powerful analytical tool that can predict what billions of consumers think and do daily, with respect to its relationship in business, sales, and marketing.

In a Nutshell

Salesforce’s artificial intelligence branch, Einstein, has been a huge help for marketers and sales teams in determining customer’s thoughts and purchase decisions. Einstein’s powerful algorithms crawl through millions of customer data, come up with accurate customer data analysis, and provide useful insights that help direct marketing and sales efforts to the profitable and satisfying path.

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