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Salesforce and AWS Unleash Power of Technology

The Amazon Web Services and Salesforce partnership is expanding! The collaboration between the world’s global leader in CRM and Amazon Web Services is a seamless integration of technology that improves productivity and promotes customer experience.

This strategic alliance is expanding to dramatically speed up the digital transformation of many enterprises using Salesforce and AWS services. Some of the benefits foreseen with the next phase of this expansion include integration of products, simplifying data, events, and shared services, reducing the complexity of Information Technology and propelling business value.

With the expansion, customers will be able to share and synchronize their data in a more secure platform. The connection of Salesforce Platform to Amazon Connect and AWS PrivateLink will be made more secure with the following integrations:

  1. Salesforce APIs with AWS Privatelink

This integration will allow customers to utilize their AWS Privatelink-enabled Salesforce endpoints through a dedicated Amazon Web Services network connection. This ensures higher security and less exposure to Internet threat as the traffic between two services will be privately flowing through a trusted network. Moreover, the private endpoints can be accessed for the purpose of data analytics, machine learning and unlocking customer insights.

  1. Salesforce Platform Events with AWS

Event-driven architectures that are built on Salesforce Platforms and data, such as a sales opportunity for example, trigger certain processes in Amazon Web Services. This experience necessitates a synchronization of data. The integration will promote ease in publishing and subscribing to events and ensure a more intelligent, more connected experience. All data related to sales, marketing and services can be easily processed to create sales leads, cross-trade new services and sort out customer incidents.

3. Salesforce Service Cloud with Amazon Connect

This integration enables customers to create a dynamic, AI customer experience powered by CRM agent steering. Other features include:

  • multi-channel interactions including sms, email, voice and chat through omni-channels, Eintein and Lex
  • self-service via enabling Lex to access Salesforce Knowledgebase
  • seamless log-in experience via Leverage Single Sign-on
  • call logging and playback of conversation recordings
  • interactive voice response, and
  • automatic call distributor

Today, Salesforce runs its mainstream public cloud workloads on Amazon Web Services, as well as other services such as Marketing Cloud Studio, Quip and Heroku. For the near future, Salesforce is looking at expanding its core services with further infrastructure expansions.

Both Salesforce and Amazon Web Services are committed to customer success by offering enhanced solutions, smart innovations, and more connected customer experiences.

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