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Salesforce and UnitedHealthcare Jointly Pave the Way to Better Health

Technology shifts in finance and retail industries are now coming to the healthcare industry. Digital services and personalization are increasingly implemented by health care service providers. This is because people start demanding more for their money as healthcare services skyrocket each year.

UnitedHealthcare is a respected name in the health care insurance sector. They started offering member-centered care with the help of Salesforce’s tools. The partnership between UnitedHealthcare and Salesforce is now paving the way for more people to experience personalized quality health care services.

Using Service Cloud in Offering Personalized and Affordable Care Options

UnitedHealthcare’s customer service representatives utilize Service Cloud to help lead their members to high-quality, relevant, and affordable care options. Salesforce’s integrations and well-defined APIs allowed for a configurable platform that made connecting to UnitedHealthcare members quicker and easier.

Suppose a member calls in with an inquiry about routine claims. UnitedHealthcare representatives can automatically identify who this member is via parameters set within the Service Cloud. Salesforce’s platform presents all related customer information on one screen, making it easy for reps to identify a member and cater to their needs.

Now, for instance, the representative handling the call finds out that the member is undergoing on-and-off dialysis treatments. He can then find out why the member has been putting off dialysis at times and make a personalized recommendation to help said member regularize his treatments. If, for example, the member is low on finances, the rep can connect him to affordable dialysis providers and offer other options as needed.

Marketing Cloud as a Member Engagement Tool

Customer engagement can help people continue with their regimens, ensuring that they keep themselves healthy at all times. And UnitedHealthcare saw Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud as an effective tool to increase their member’s engagement.

The health insurance giant uses Marketing Cloud to complete their members’ personalized care experiences, from initial member contact to care coordination and beyond. They also use Marketing Cloud to create tailored wellness journeys sent via text and email. These wellness journeys are designed to help members ease into a healthier lifestyle.

The Wrap-Up

Salesforce’s Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud have become invaluable tools that help UnitedHealthcare create personalized care experiences for each of their individual members. Through these tools, UnitedHealthcare initiated a member-centered care approach that is satisfyingly good for their end-customers.

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