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Salesforce as Climate Champions for 2019 Earth Month

The environment is clearly suffering from climate change nowadays. Salesforce joins the rest of the world in observing Earth Month 2019 last April. The tech giant implemented several activities to help save our planet from the vicious effects of climate change.

Why the Environment Matters

Many people could be thinking why a successful tech company such as Salesforce would even dig its nails into environmental preservation efforts. The answer lies in the company’s views of the environment, namely:

  • The environment is a key business stakeholder. Without it, businesses are nothing.
  • Climate change amplifies global inequality by affecting everyone, including the most vulnerable people and communities. Inequality has no room for Salesforce, which includes equality among its core values.
  • Business’ goal is to create a more sustainable life for everyone. This includes both humans, animals, and the planet we’re all living in.

These are all the reasons why Salesforce actively works to help preserve the planet and create solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Championing for the Planet on Earth Month

Salesforce launched several activities to highlight the 2019 Earth Month, which commenced last April. The company’s global employee green team named Earthforce kicked off the Earth Month celebrations for the tech giant.

Here are some of the ways in which Salesforce championed for the environment last April:

  • Earthforce led the celebrations for more than 70 Earth Day festivities in various offices across the globe.
  • Employees all over the world volunteered a total of more than 40,000 hours to causes supporting environmental preservation.
  • Salesforce partnered with over 50 external environmental organizations for the entire Earth Month 2019.
  • Earthforce leaders and members set out to educate fellow employees on the impact of climate change and how they can help stop it from becoming worse.
  • Employees were encouraged to take the Trailhead learning module named Create a Sustainable Future Trail. This is to refresh their environmental knowledge and get them inspired to act for the planet.

Preserving the Planet on Earth Month and Beyond

Salesforce doesn’t stop being involved in environmental activities after the Earth Month celebrations last April 2019. All the activities initiated by Earthforce and other Salesforce employees were being continued by many of their colleagues across the world.

The company also takes pride in continuous efforts to become more eco-friendly, for instance in the following ways:

  • Continuing to deliver a carbon-neutral cloud to all Salesforce customers
  • Staying true to being a company emitting net-zero greenhouse gases
  • Committing the entire company to its first renewable aggregation deal
  • Conceptualizing and leading the Step-Up Declaration initiative

These efforts are all made to continuously preserve and protect the environment from Earth Month 2019 and beyond.

Wrapping It Up

Salesforce brings together the power of its people to celebrate the 2019 Earth Month. Lots of employees led by Earthforce stepped up their game and contributed in their own small ways to fight climate change and ensure a sustainable future for all.

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