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Salesforce Asks for Retweets for the Vision Screening of Children in Georgia State

Salesforce tweeted a short but simple call to help Georgia’s children afflicted with vision problems last November 2, 2018. The tweet says, “We believe business should be used as a #PlatformForChange to do good in the world.” It goes on to ask for retweets to pass this message on, along with a promise to cover the cost of vision screening for Georgian children for every retweet done.

Teaming Up with Prevent Blindness Georgia

Salesforce teamed up with Prevent Blindness Georgia to start a campaign of vision screening for preschool children. Prevent Blindness Georgia is a state affiliate of the national organization Prevent Blindness.

The non-profit organization aims to screen more than 30,000 preschool-aged children for early signs of vision problems annually. They do this to prevent visual impairment that may cause a lower quality of life for these kids in the long run.

Lack of adequate funding causes around 60% of Georgia kids to skip vision screening. The result is that several children manifest visual impairment earlier than usual. Sadly, these impairments could have been treated early on had they been screened properly during their preschool age.

Salesforce has since stepped up on their social responsibilities and has collaborated with Prevent Blindness Georgia by offering to cover expenses for vision screening of children living in Georgia. Salesforce has been known to actively participate in humanitarian efforts in their home state, California. Now, they are expanding to other states in keeping up with their philosophy of becoming a company that is a Platform for Change.

Response from Twitter World

Salesforce’s tweet for Prevent Blindness Georgia has since garnered 304 retweets as of this writing. Salesforce employees, as well as common people, have retweeted the message to help spread the word and increase the coverage for eye exams of Georgia’s preschool children. Many people expressed positive comments about this Twitter campaign.

Summing it Up

Vision screening of preschool children is imperative to detecting eye problems early on in life. Prevent Blindness Georgia performs early vision tests to these kids, but sadly lack of funds prevent them from doing this to as much children as they can reach.

Salesforce supported Prevent Blindness Georgia by launching a Twitter campaign in November 2018. For every retweet, the tech giant will sponsor the costs of screening tests of Georgia’s preschool-aged kids. It garnered a positive response from employees and the general public on Twitter, amassing over 300 retweets and helping several hundreds of Georgian children in return.

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