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Salesforce Believes it is the Responsibility of Business to be a #PlatformForChange

Twitter has become one of Salesforce’s platforms to declare their philosophies on giving back to the community. In a tweet dated October 25, 2018, the tech giant reaffirmed their desire to make their mark by helping end the homelessness crisis, citing the “responsibility of business to be a #PlatformForChange.”

Tech Giant Salesforce Supporting Initiatives for Homeless People

While some large businesses cringe at the thought of shelling out a little more from their pockets to help support specific causes, Salesforce does not. In fact, the giant tech company plans to support the Proposition-C, a ballot measure designed to end homelessness in San Francisco. This they do even when it means having to pay more taxes for funding the initiative.

Businesses have a social responsibility and have the means to support causes close to their hearts. For Salesforce, it happens that Marc Benioff and the entire company owes so much to the city of San Francisco that they vowed to help fight homelessness in the city through the Proposition-C initiative.

And their booming technological business is certainly a good platform for fostering change in the community. With billions of dollars in their annual revenue and with the steady growth of the company locally and globally, Salesforce can support the Proposition cause as much as it wants indeed.

Giving Back in More Ways than One

The tech giant does not exclusively support one cause. Salesforce eagerly supports its employees to give back to the community whichever cause they want via volunteering. Paid volunteer days off are being given to Salesforce employees annually, and they have successfully clocked in a whopping 3 million volunteer hours to help youth initiatives across the world.

Salesforce also partners with other institutions and enforces various grants, education, and workplace programs to enrich the lives of the underprivileged in the community.

Risky but Well Worth It

Financial risks are always present when it comes to all these philanthropical works. But Benioff wholeheartedly believes in giving back and investing in people. The booming success of Salesforce will not be possible without the support of these people, anyway, so why not give back? And for Benioff and his company, it’s a risk well-worth taking. Clearly, he is turning his business into a true platform for community change.

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