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Salesforce Celebrates Equality during 2019 Equal Pay Day

Men earn more than women do. Statistically speaking, a woman only receives approximately 76.5% of a man’s income. This rings true despite women’s higher educational attainments than men.

But this gender pay gap doesn’t have a place inside Salesforce. The cloud computing giant committed to equality in gender pay for everyone four years ago. Today, Salesforce is proud to strengthen its commitment to this issue on 2019 Equal Pay Day.

Why the Gender Pay Gap?

Several factors contribute to the inequality experienced by women and men regarding their salaries and payment. These factors often include:

  • Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) activity
  • Market fluctuations
  • Industry sector
  • Gender-role congruity bias
  • Gender norms

Many companies all over the world are aware of these factors, including Salesforce. That is why they strive to advance pay equality despite these hurdles that lead to gender pay gap.

How Salesforce Fights for Equal Gender Pay

Salesforce is strongly grounded on its commitment to equality among all genders. The tech giant celebrated Equal Pay Day last April 2, 2019, and highlighted some of their actions towards ensuring a fairer compensation regardless of gender:

  • Conducting regular equal pay assessment across all offices in the entire company
  • Actively instituting a standardized process of setting salaries from the day an employee is hired
  • Checking merit bonus distribution across genders and races
  • Looking into promotion distributions
  • Adjusting salaries to lessen the percentage of pay inequality inside the company
  • Asking prospective employees what compensation do they expect, rather than asking what their current compensation is

The latest company-wide pay audit revealed that out of the 35,000 people employed by Salesforce worldwide, 5% needed adjustments in their salaries. Among these are 54% of men, 39% of women, and 7% coming from differences in ethnicity and race.

Salesforce addressed these inequalities in compensation by allotting $1.6 million to adjust the salaries of the identified vulnerable employee groups. All in all, Salesforce was able to allot a total of $10.3 million for pay equality across the entire organization since it started probing the issue four years ago.

Wrapping It Up

The commitment to equal pay for all strengthens further as Salesforce continues to implement measures to ensure gender equality regarding compensation. Regular pay audits are made and salary adjustments are done to identified employees experiencing gender pay gap.

Salesforce is proud of the achievements it has made, and every little progress they experience greatly impacts the future of gender pay equality for the entire company.

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