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Salesforce Commits a Total of $18M in Grants for Community Improvements in the Bay Area

At Dreamforce 2018 in San Francisco, California, announced to commit a total of 18 million dollars in grants. The amount will be used to help address community needs in the Bay Area. In addition to that, Salesforce employees also committed 100,000 hours of volunteer work in the Bay Area.

The 18 million will be granted to local schools and organizations in the Bay Area. It will fund their efforts in addressing the community’s education needs, as well as issues regarding cleanliness, homelessness and hunger.

Addressing Education Needs

To help with the community’s education needs, $15.5 million will be granted to SFUSD (San Francisco Unified School District) and OUSD (Oakland Unified School District). The grant will be used for middle school transformation and for providing newcomers a wraparound support. The grant will also be used for expanding the schools’ computer science and college access programs.

Addressing Public Safety and Cleanliness Issues

To help address public cleanliness issues, $500,000 will be granted to the San Francisco Parks Alliance. The grant will be used to support LetsPlaySF!, which is a collaboration between San Francisco Parks Alliance and San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. The said program will provide San Franciscans safe and clean places to play by renovating 13 city playgrounds.

Addressing Youth and Family Homelessness will also donate a total of $1 million in grant to nonprofits to help provide homes for street youth and their families. $500,000 will be given to Hamilton Families and another $500,000 to Larkin Street Youth Services.

Addressing Hunger in the Bay Area will also donate $1 million to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. The grant will be used to fund their food assistance program, which helps 210,000 families to put food on their tables.

Aside from these grants, Salesforce also committed their employees to contribute a total of 100,000 hours of volunteer work over the coming year 2019.

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