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Salesforce Connections 2019 Emphasizes Collaboration for Enhanced Customer Engagement

This year’s Salesforce Connections 2019 took place last June 17-19 at McCormick Place, Chicago. It was a successful event filled with business insights on the collaboration between service, commerce, and marketing fields, all for the sake of the engaged customers.

Transforming Careers, Companies, and Industries

Bret Taylor, Salesforce’s recently-promoted President and COO, was seen speaking to the crowd on a tweet about Connections 2019 last March 2019. He spoke of transforming businesses through the power of creating one-to-one personalized customer experiences. All of these can be achieved through Salesforce’s numerous products catering to a plethora of aspects on marketing, commerce, and service.

Salesforce Connections 2019 showcased the tech giant’s commitment to transforming business, careers, and entire industries. Hundreds of sessions and keynotes on marketing, commerce, and service were presented to help participants learn how to collaborate and work cross-functionally to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

Key Highlights of Connections 2019

Salesforce Connections 2019 is loaded with learning activities for everyone. Keynotes, hands-on sessions, workshops, and product demos abound in the three-day event.

Notable entrepreneurs and speakers brought insights on how they used technology to reach out and engage with their respective customers. They shared their knowledge and expertise through keynotes. Some of them included the following:

  • Stephanie Buscemi – Salesforce CMO
  • Ekta Chopra – e.l.f. Cosmetics Vice President for Digital
  • Shonnah Hughes – Pep-Up Tech Co-Founder
  • Sarah Lindsell – The Brain Tumor Charity CEO

There were also 463 sessions that fostered even more learning experiences for all the attendees of Connections 2019. Examples of these sessions include:

  • Commerce – Leveraging Emerging Tech to Stand Out in Commerce
  • Marketing – Planning Your Marketing Cloud Journey Strategy
  • Service – Einstein Analytics: AI-powered Analytics for Smarter Customer Engagement

Attendees were also treated to free consultations regarding business areas they want to improve. Some of these consultations included the following:

  • Industry Expert consultations
  • Commerce and Service consultations
  • Marketing consultations
  • Transitioning to Lightning consultations

Finally, here are the key takeaway points during the three-day event:

  • Data unification is a big game-changer in business. Creating 360-degree views of your customer is possible through Salesforce’s solutions.
  • It’s possible to meet customer expectations across all devices, media, and channels. Using multichannel touchpoints is the key to doing this. As a result, customer engagement level rises and seamless connections with customers are cultivated and nurtured.
  • Real-time relevance is an approach that brands can use to meet their customers’ expectations at the point of interaction with them. It can create a 1:1 customer experience that will foster brand loyalty for a long time.

In a Nutshell

Salesforce Connections 2019 was a successful three-day conference celebrating the unification of marketing, commerce, and service industries. The event was filled to the brim with learning activities that will help attendees hone their collaboration skills across all possible platforms. This results in higher customer engagement rates and better services for all their customers.

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