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Salesforce Edition Comparison

There are several Salesforce editions currently offered in the market today. Choosing one should never be based on the price or the monthly rate alone. More important than the price of the cloud based CRM, you should match the features to the needs and size of your operations.

Easy Upgrade Options

Since the entire system is cloud based there is no need to upgrade your hardware or even your software when your company’s needs increase. You can add to the next level edition as your business needs grow.

There is no disruption in your business operations. You don’t even need to provide your employees any new devices. Salesforce handles everything in the backend.

Editions Compared

There are currently 4 editions of Salesforce offered. They include the following:

  • SalesforceIQ CRM Starter
  • Lightning Professional
  • Lightning Enterprise
  • Lightning Unlimited

SalesforceIQ CRM Starter: this is the edition for small scale enterprises and start-ups. It’s known as the out of the box CRM and it allows up to 5 users. The cost is $25 per month per user. Remember that you will be billed annually for all Salesforce editions.

This edition provides basic features. They include the following:

  • Automatic data capture, which allows you to keep your deals up to date.
  • Intelligent follow up reminders furnished by SalesforceIQ.
  • Live training and webinars
  • Chrome extensions and more

Lightning Professional: The Lightning Professional edition is a complete CRM and it is suitable for use of an entire team. It costs $75 per user per month (billed annually).

This edition has additional features other than the standard ones offered in the starter edition. Additional features include native sales collaboration, lead management, unlimited tabs, and more.

Lightning Enterprise: This edition of Salesforce offers a deeply customizable customer relationship management system. Features include workflow automation, advanced forecasting, and enterprise territory management among others. It costs $150 per user per month.

Lightning Unlimited: Salesforce bills this edition as their unlimited CRM support and power. You get all the enterprise features for $300 per user per month. It features unlimited training online, more than 100 admin services, expanded sandbox environments and more.

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