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Salesforce Einstein: Make Smarter Decisions

Why do they call it “Einstein?” It is because this analytics product is smart. We can say that Einstein is the most advanced product offering from Salesforce Analytics. It is a self-service business intelligence analytics platform.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

At its core is an analytics platform that is based on artificial intelligence. On the outset you might think that the data that can be mined via this BI product is limited. This view is based on the idea that the analytics system used in Salesforce is gathered primarily through their suite of products.

It should be noted that there are only a few other business intelligence platforms that do not interconnect with Salesforce. That means IBM Watson, one of the highly regarded and well-acclaimed business intelligence analytics product in the market today is connected to and sharing data with Salesforce Einstein.

So what does it do? It leverages customer relationship management data. This in turn helps companies discover opportunities based on the customer data that has been gathered. It is also a predictive tool that can intelligently make recommendations based on current analysis. The bottom line here is that this is a tool that can help businesses automate as well as enhance their business processes.

The Einstein Advantage

Back in the day when customer data was still small, people were content to do their analytics manually. Of course it did not take that long for everyone to realize that analytics is such an important tool and not just on the marketing side. It has also become one of the key ingredients to connect with customers.

Now the data has grown exponentially and even if you’re using software automation, analysing all that data and making it useful will still be quite a momentous task. Salesforce Einstein empowers your business with image processing, natural language processing, predictive analysis, machine learning, and deep learning to help you make smarter business decisions in the 21st century.

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