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Salesforce Ends Fiscal Year 2019 with a Bang

Revenues continue to soar high for Salesforce, the leading global CRM platform. The fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2019 saw total generated earnings of $3.6 billion. Fiscal year 2019 ended last January 31, 2019 with a whopping $13.28 billion in total revenues.

Full Breakdown of Earnings

Proving its success in the SaaS and CRM industries, Salesforce listed the following numbers as their full earnings for 2019 fiscal year 4th quarter and full fiscal year 2018, respectively:

  • Fourth Quarter Revenues:
  • Earned from Subscription and Support Services – $3.38 billion
  • Earned from Professional Services and Others – $228 million
  • Total – $3.6 billion
  • Full Fiscal Year 2018 Revenues:
  • Earned from Subscription and Support Services – $12.41 billion
  • Earned from Professional Services and Others – $869 million
  • Total – $13.28 billion

The total revenues for both quarter 4 and full fiscal year 2019 showed a similar income increase of 26% year-over-year. This financial growth reflected a rapid acceleration rate, which is quite fast for an enterprise software company.

All these financial statistics show that there’s no stopping Salesforce in becoming a tech giant and a respected leader in cloud computing technology, AI, CRM, and SaaS platforms.

A Vision for the Future

Salesforce acknowledges everyone in their company who contributed to the rapid financial growth of the company. The tech giant also gives its thanks to all of its customers, without which this success would not materialize.

Co-CEOs Keith Block and Marc Benioff both took to Twitter last March 4, 2019 to share the exciting revenue growth news, to affirm their company focus, and to thank everyone who’s been part of Salesforce’s success.

Keith Block said that this growth is due to the company’s “relentless focus on delivering innovation” and that the success of their customers fueled Salesforce’s progress and development. He further stated that the company targets to double its revenues to $26-28 billion come fiscal year 2023.

Meanwhile, Marc Benioff tweeted that he anticipates lots of opportunities ahead and that he “has never been more excited” about it. He shares that Salesforce’s intelligent Customer 360 platform enabled their clients to grow their own businesses and put their respective end-customers at front and center.

Wrapping It Up

Salesforce ends fiscal year quarter 4 and fiscal year 2019 strongly with revenues that shot up 26% higher than the previous years. The tech giant continues to be financially strong with $13.28 billion in total earnings for the entire fiscal year 2019. Co-CEOs Block and Benioff credit the entire company and their unified focus on customer success to the continued progress of the tech giant.

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