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What is Salesforce Enterprise Edition

Salesforce offers several editions of their well-known platform to suit individual business needs. Entrepreneurs can choose among four different editions that will better serve their organizational needs. The four Salesforce editions currently in use include Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

This post will focus on what Salesforce Enterprise edition is. How does Enterprise edition differ from other Salesforce editions? And what can entrepreneurs expect to get from this powerful program?

Salesforce Enterprise Edition Defined

Enterprise edition is Salesforce’s answer to the needs and demands of complex organizations and businesses. Salesforce Enterprise is actually the most popular edition widely used by several companies across the globe. This step-up tier edition echoes many of the features found in the Professional edition (one-step lower tier), such as reports, dashboards, and mobile access. But it offers more powerful features and functions that’ll certainly boost any company’s operations.

Features of Enterprise Edition

Get these powerful capabilities from Salesforce Enterprise Edition:

  • Ability to use up to 9 standard user profiles, with cloning and customization properties available
  • Supports creation of Developer Sandbox
  • Product add-ons from AppExchange
  • Salesforce CPQ set-up
  • Ability to create customized dashboards and reports
  • Mass email functionality
  • Enterprise Territory Management
  • Advanced Forecasting Capability
  • Record types, automation, and various Page Layout functions
  • Approval processes automation for businesses
  • Automation of task assignments across the entire company
  • Apex triggers for resolving complex issues
  • Integration to remote databases and back-office systems via web service API access
  • Workflow Automation Processes
  • Mobile Access
  • Heightened security for the entire organization

Benefits of the Enterprise Edition

  • Business process automation is achieved through Salesforce Enterprise’s many automation functions. Facilitating automation isn’t entirely possible on lower-tier Salesforce editions.
  • Enterprise introduces Forecasting, a useful tool to help companies project future business processes. This function helps companies target their business goals much faster.
  • The ability to generate reports and dashboards offers Enterprise users an easy way of viewing the overall status of the business establishment.

Salesforce Enterprise offers a wide range of flexible solutions and powerful capabilities for a reasonable price. Enterprise costs $150 for each user per month. With all the capabilities that Enterprise can do, the price tag is truly worth it.

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