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Salesforce Enters the Top 100 Global Brands of the World

Brand consultancy company Interbrand released its annual list of the Top 100 Best Global Brands for 2017, and Salesforce finally gets in for the first time.

Another Milestone for Salesforce

Interbrand released the Top 100 Best Global Brands report last September 24, 2017, and Salesforces appears for the first time at the 84th spot.

Interbrand’s global CEO Jez Frampton mentioned that the world is experiencing an “exciting period of change” – which includes industrial, societal, and technological change. Thus, it is indeed fitting for an innovative IT company such as Salesforce to be included in this prestigious list of the best brands worldwide.

Being recognized as a top international brand is surely an honor and a huge step forward for Salesforce. The company now joins the ranks of other technology giants such as Apple, Microsoft, and IBM.

Salesforce also joins the list together with two other newcomer brands, Ferrari and Netflix.

What It Took for Salesforce to Get in

Salesforce got into Interbrand’s list with an impressive $5.2 billion brand value – the company has indeed grown a lot since it started in 1999. However, it’s not just the large amount of brand value that has driven Salesforce into the 84th spot. Interbrand looked into these three main components to determine who gets in their prestigious list:

  • How a brand influences customer choice
  • How good the financial performance of a brand’s products or services is
  • How strong the brand is to drive continuous earnings for its company

Salesforce has been the leading CRM software-as-a-service product in the world today. The company has grown massively with 27,000 employees and a line of useful products such as AppExchange,, Salesforce CRM, and Salesforce Health Cloud.

While Salesforce did not make it to the higher half of the list, being included means that Interbrand has recognized the company for creating innovative products that make a huge impact on its customer’s lives.


Salesforce ranks 84th in Interbrand’s 2017 Top 100 Global Brands of the World. It is Salesforce’s first break into this amazing list of strong companies who create a change in their respective industries.

To be included in this list makes Salesforce proud and challenged at the same time – proud of their accomplishment and challenged to climb up the ladder by consistently improving on their products and services.

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