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Salesforce Expands Data Sharing Partnership with Google

Salesforce made an announcement last fall about the company’s developing relationship with Google. This started to form in January, following the integration between Google BigQuery + Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) and Salesforce CRM data. The two huge cloud companies announced the next steps as they will share data between the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360.

Customized Experiences for Consumers

This data sharing partnership becomes even more sensible as the tech giants are able to share web analytics data with their marketing people to provide more customized experiences for their consumers.

This connection definitely did not escape Bobby Jania, the VP of product marketing at Salesforce. According to him, marketers can now provide meaningful consumer experiences provided by the leading marketing platform in the world and the most broadly used web analytics suite.

Brent Leary, owner of CRM Essentials, a consulting firm, said that this partnership will be significant for marketers. He also said that this integration is an important thing because a huge part of Marketing Cloud consumers are GA 360 users and this leads to easily see the activities that are making successful outcomes.

What Does the Partnership Include?

The partnership has four integrations that will enable marketers to exchange data between the two platforms. First, consumer insights from GA 360 and Marketing Cloud will be gathered into one analytics dashboard within Marketing Cloud. Then, Marketing Cloud data can be viewed within GA 360 for attribution analysis as well as to utilize the Marketing Cloud data to provide more customized web experiences. These three integrations are all made available in June.

The fourth component of the partnership will be available in Beta in the third quarter of 2018. Jania said that this is the first time ever that audiences made within the GA 360 platform are allowed to be activated outside of Google.

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