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Salesforce Gives Back

For the past consecutive ten years, Salesforce has been voted as one of the Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for. Established in 1999, this giant tech company established the cloud-based CRM software. This innovation has improved the effectiveness of almost 200,000 companies and helped build an economy that has helped millions of people.

Dubbed as the #1 Best Workplace in the World in 2018, Salesforce is a social enterprise that aims to give back to the community and the world. As they say in the company, “We owe our past, present, and future to the city of San Francisco”.

The company finds its roots in San Francisco—and has become the city’s largest private employer to date, with about 8,400 employees. The company is expected to expand. There are Salesforce Towers in Indianapolis, London and New York and more will be on the way.

Reports have it that Salesforce is looking to lease two additional offices in San Francisco—this means thousands more jobs for people in the city. But this giant tech company does not only provide local employment. It gives back to the city of San Francisco in so many ways.

Salesforce has philanthropic programs, education and workplace development programs, grants, and pro bono programs. The company believes that it is important to invest back into the community where the employees live and work in relation to its present needs. Recently, by partnering with other local organizations via #BandTogetherBayArea, Salesforce has raised over $30M to help those affected recover from the devastation of the 2017 wildfires in North Bay.

Salesforce partners with educational institutions and non-profit organizations by offering pro-bono services to help them increase their impact to society. The company also encourages employee volunteering and giving. Presently, Salesforce employees have logged in 3,000,000 volunteer hours to the community and have raised $80M in investments to help youth across the globe.

Giving back is not just a project at Salesforce, it is a company culture. To encourage its thousands of employees, the company gives them seven paid volunteer time off days annually. Employees can choose to volunteer at a school or help build homes in remote areas. However way they want to use their time and effort, the goal is to make the world a better place, especially for the youth.

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