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Salesforce Goes Bigger with the New Salesforce Tower Atlanta

October 2018—Salesforce announces their expansion in Atlanta with the new Salesforce Tower Atlanta. Right before that, Salesforce was just named as one of the city’s Best Places to Work for the fourth time in a row.

Salesforce Tower Atlanta will become the CRM leader’s new regional headquarters in the city. Several floors have been renovated for special functions and Salesforce employees will be able to move in by 2019.

A New Home for Salesforce’s Ohana

One of Salesforce Tower Atlanta’s highlight features is an Ohana-dedicated floor right at the top of the tower. According to Salesforce, the Ohana represents the heart of its core values—Equality. That’s why they have dedicated the entire top floor for their Ohana (employees, partners, customers and the community).

The Ohana floor will feature a 360-degree view design where everyone can enjoy a magnificent view of the city. It will be an open hospitality space for employee events during the day, weeknights and even weekdays. The Ohana floor is also open for use by the community’s nonprofits, foundations, and school organizations for zero fee.

Along with the Ohana floor, Salesforce Tower Atlanta also features the following amenities:

  • Large social lounges
  • Dedicated meditation areas (mindfulness zones)
  • Immersive lobby space
  • Parent’s rooms for nursing parents
  • Coffee barista bars

A New Hope for Atlanta Locals

As part of their Atlanta expansion, Salesforce will be opening 600 new jobs for Atlanta locals in the next five years. This will give locals valuable career and livelihood opportunities that can help support their families in this economy.

As part of their active community involvement, Salesforce also commits to contribute 25,000 hours of volunteer help to the local nonprofits. It has always been part of the Salesforce employees’ culture to give back to the community by extending volunteer help and providing support to local organizations whenever and wherever needed.

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