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Salesforce Has Been Named the 1 Best Workplace in Europe by Our Salesforce Ohana

Salesforce earned another exciting recognition from Great Place to Work and Ohana – the honor of being chosen as #1 Best Workplace in Europe. Before this, the cloud computing giant was already bestowed the title for European country-specific awards only in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and France. But now, the recognition becomes Europe-wide!

Spreading Workplace Love Across Europe

This recent recognition of being the Best Workplace in Europe uplifts the entire company and leaves employees with a mental note that despite this award, much needs to be done in order to further improve the workplace culture they currently have.

Salesforce Europe (EMEA) employees are already taking steps to further spread love across their colleagues, cementing the dream of being a diversified workplace with a culture of strength and trustworthiness. Here’s what they have been up to:

  • New European chapters of Ohana groups have been launched across the 14 countries that hold Salesforce offices. Some of these groups include Outforce, Parentforce, Boldforce, and Vetforce. Ohana groups are Salesforce’s versions of employee resource groups where employees can join together and work for various causes close to their hearts.
  • Salesforce hosted various activities in some of their European headquarters – the CeBIT in Germany, the Salesforce World Tours in Paris, London, and Amsterdam, and several Basecamps across 25 cities across the European offices.
  • Employees were encouraged to participate in events for a cause. Many employees who were members of Ohana groups actively heeded the call – the most notable one was the overwhelming participation of the Outforce Ohana Group in Pride Events held in five different European cities.
  • Employees also transformed themselves into community volunteers, rendering more than 150,000 hours of community service across EMEA cities. This is a way for Salesforce employees to give back to the communities and share a portion of what they have to various community sectors that need help.

All these activities helped cement the recognition that Salesforce is indeed the top Best Workplace in Europe for this year.


Salesforce Ohana and Great Place to Work bestowed the European chapter of the company with the title of Best Workplace in Europe for 2018. Apart from a booming business in 14 countries across Europe, Salesforce was also recognized for its charitable works and strong people culture.

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