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Salesforce helped #BandTogetherBayArea Raise $33.8M for the Victim Communities of the North Bay Fires

Salesforce was one of the founding partners of #BandTogetherBayArea and contributed a total of $2M to the fundraiser. A year after the devastation of the North Bay fires, Salesforce commemorated the tragedy and recovery of the Bay Area communities. Salesforce thanks again the people that joined hands with the #BandTogetherBayArea to raise a total of $33.8M for the victim communities.

The Success of the #DF17 Partnership

It was at #DF17 (Dreamforce 2017) when Salesforce partnered with #BandTogetherBayArea to help raise an emergency relief fund for the low-income communities that were devastated by the fires. #BandTogetherBayArea was a benefit concert that was organized by large companies and local organizations to raise the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund.

All in all, the #BandTogetherBayArea raised a total of $33.8M for the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund.

Salesforce’s Commitment to Help

Aside from sponsoring the #BandTogetherBayArea, Salesforce also committed to raise $2M to contribute to the emergency relief fund. Salesforce was able to raise $500,000 from its nonprofit, $500,000 from its employees, and $500,000 from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and his wife Lynne Benioff. The fund was also complemented with matching grants from the foundation.

Aside from that, the Salesforce employees immediately formed volunteer and donation groups to assist the city in providing emergency relief help to the victims.

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