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Salesforce Helps Transamerica Financial Network Enhance Culture and Bottom Line

Transamerica, with more than 60000 financial advisors and independent agents around the world and helping families build wealth had to overcome challenges. One is to collect all existing member data into one system.

This project required massive data migration to the Financial Services Cloud. New user records for their almost 30 thousand agents were created in the process. With Salesforce, it took only 12 weeks for this goal to be realized.

Help From Salesforce

Transamerica Financial Network, or TFN, is a Georgia-based marketing and financial services organization and is a subsidiary of Transamerica, one of the world’s leaders in financial services. With Salesforce’s help, TFN’s sixty thousand plus agents and advisors were migrated to the Financial Services Cloud.

According to TFN’s Chief Strategy Office John Joseph, they’ve adopted Salesforce as part of the organization’s culture. For them, Salesforce is not just another technology company but also part of the TFN family in serving their customers daily.

Financial Services Trailblazer

Salesforce is TFN’s way of reimagining what CRM can do for their entire fleet of the field force. They’ve been a customer of Salesforce since 2012. In the migration process, TFN put all its advisors and agents in the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. This is a major customer-centric transformation of the business and Salesforce helped drive it.

TFN advisors and agents were able to find training and connect with recruits through the Community Cloud while sales and service desks were powered by Service Cloud. At the background, Einstein Analytics running via the Salesforce Platform provided actionable insights throughout the organization.

Now that agents, advisors, and customers are on one platform, the ecosystem of Salesforce provides customer engagements that are more personalized. TFN’s mission is to help families and this is being realized with Salesforce as they release more functionalities and features that will enhance relationships between the company and its customers.

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