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Salesforce Integrates IoT into Sales and Marketing

Salesforce is not letting anyone get ahead of them. Back in 2015, they talked about coming up with a Salesforce IoT Cloud service – long before others could even have an iota of such a service structure in mind.

It is clear the state-of-the-art software building giant is shy to dip its fingers on the latest innovative technological concepts – whether they be about big data, the Internet of Things, or artificial intelligence.

IoT Explorer Edition

Just a few days back, the American cloud computing company stunned everyone when it announced they are ready with an initiative they called IoT Explorer Edition. With this service, they aim to help their customers have a better understanding of their own IoT data and make it work.

For beginners, the service offers what the California-based company has termed as a “low code” method of producing IoT business workflows.

Even non-technical employees can easily grasp and use it, and it requires them to only pick processes and create a network of sensors and devices in order to generate a programmed workflow.

An Illustrative Example

Suppose that you are a power generating company and you want to get a service notice when supply fluctuates in certain areas of your service. You can then create a workflow that will trigger a notice once unstable supply starts occurring.

Spare Customers from Troubles and Earn More

With the same initiative, you can be proactive about making calls to your customers. Why wait for them to give you a call to inform about a problem that has already taken place when you can inform them in advance of a brewing issue?

The tool will also allow you to forecast with a good degree of confidence that some devices will be in need of servicing in the near future.

You may then call the concerned party to let them know that a transformer in their system is in danger of exploding and you can provide them with a replacement that has a higher capacity.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic for generating revenue?

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