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Salesforce Introduces Enhanced Einstein AI and Quip for Service to Empower Service Agents

Salesforce expands the Einstein AI portfolio with the introduction of Quip for Service, a new solution to enhance service reps’ productivity and allow them to focus on the human side of customer service. These AI-fueled solutions promise to improve collaboration and productivity through features such as automated recommendations and routing capabilities.

The Ever-Evolving Service Agents’ Role

Customer service used to be a back-office task. Reps often had little actual interaction with end-customers.

But customer service has now evolved into a customer-centric model where service agents are included from the time a customer researches a product all the way up to after-sales support. Service agents are now considered as front-liners of all interactions with customers.

What Does Einstein AI Offer Service Agents?

Given the vast roles of service agents all throughout the customer sales journey, agents need powerful tools to help them go back to their main focus – the customer himself.

Salesforce unfolded several Einstein AI solutions to the Service Cloud in order for service agents to fully embrace their customer-centric roles. These Einstein AI-powered features include:

  • Case Routing – An automated case routing function that filters cases and automatically queues them up to the right agent depending on a set of criteria.
  • Article Recommendations – This feature sends agents automated recommendations of the best possible knowledge articles that will help them solve cases efficiently and quickly.
  • Reply Recommendations – Sends suggested responses for agents working on chat and messaging platforms. It uses natural language processing to generate suggestions that are as close to actual customer-centric replies as possible.
  • Next Best Action – This feature suggests the most appropriate action to take during the most engaging interaction moments between customers and agents.

What Does Quip for Service Do?

Quip for Service is an AI-powered collaboration and productivity tool embedded inside the agent’s consoles. It’s a solution that works by:

  • Letting agents collaborate via co-authoring documents, tackling complex projects with subject matter experts, and engage in collaborative conversations live while inside a single case record
  • Enabling agents to create document templates that jive with your organization’s case processes
  • Encapsulating all case knowledge into a single place so that new team members can access them readily and learn instantly about the case

Summing It Up

Salesforce leverages the power of Einstein AI through several new tools for service agents. Quip for Service and Einstein AI features automate most of the agents’ work and let them focus directly on building impactful customer relationships.

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