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Salesforce is BBVA’s #PlatformForChange

Each year at Dreamforce, Trailblazers from around the world gather to share their success stories, plans for future changes, and the latest industry trends. The world of marketing is always evolving, indeed.


BBVA is a Spanish banking group that has multinational cultures and one of Salesforce’s Trailblazers. They use Interaction Studio and Salesforce Marketing Cloud in providing customer experiences that are revolutionary. BBVA adopted a customer-focused approach which let them deliver journey-based and sophisticated marketing throughout all the relevant channel. And this is done offline, online, next-best-action precision, and real-time

In the event, BBVA’s Global Head of Data Insights and CRM Javier Donoso discussed the company’s plan to revolutionize banking relationships by concentrating on the life goals of its customers. Through this approach, they intend to forge personalized customer experiences that can be mobile-first but traverse through other physical and digital platforms. They will be providing new prospects and existing customers with useful tools such as Valora, an app that helps customers in their search for homes via Augmented Reality.

Intelligent Marketing is the Future

It’s the era of intelligent marketing with technologies powered by artificial intelligence that have the 4th Industrial Revolution’s foundations. Like never before, technology is empowering customers and businesses alike. Consumers are given more control over their buying experiences and brand interactions. Businesses, on the other hand, are finding new opportunities in engaging audiences in conversations that build loyalty.

With intelligent marketing being adopted all over the industry, it’s important for marketers to be in sync with dynamic and new changes. In this age, those who harness AI’s intelligent power are the most successful. It’s also the age of authentic personalization — an era in which customers are provided unique purchasing experiences and are treated with the utmost importance by the businesses. This is especially useful considering that the key to winning customers’ business is to treat them as persons and not just numbers.

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