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Salesforce Is Named #1 in @GPTW Global’s 2018 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces List

After Salesforce was named as number one Best Multinational Workplace in Europe, Great Place To Work (GPTW) named Salesforce again as number one World’s Best Multinational Workplace. Being on top of both lists delighted the Salesforce team and published blog posts about how they were able to make it to the top.

Why Salesforce Is #1 in Europe

According to their blog post, there are three kinds of efforts that may have been reasons for their landing the top place in Europe. The first is how they spread “Ohana” love across Europe.

In the expansion of Salesforce in Europe (EMEA), Salesforce employees formed Ohana groups in EMEA chapters. Ohana groups (like Boldforce, Parentforce, Vetforce, and others) are employee resource groups that provide employees a place to belong. These groups act like a family that welcomes employees from different walks of life. They provide inclusive support so everyone feels at-home even when they’re far away at work.

The second is how they like helping communities in need. Salesforce is widely recognized for their efforts and involvement in community development. Not only does Salesforce donate grants, but the employees also commit to do volunteer work whenever and wherever necessary. And because of that, GPTW also honored Salesforce with the Better for the World award.

The third is how Salesforce builds a strong future in Europe. In recent years, Salesforce has expanded across Europe where they now have offices in 14 European countries. It a sure sign that Salesforce is there to stay and help through the coming years.

Why Salesforce Is #1 Worldwide

In another post, Salesforce expressed pride in how they became number one in the world. They said what helped them get the top place is continuous cultural innovation.

They said that culture is their “greatest competitive advantage”. This is because Salesforce continuously invests time and effort in pursuing cultural innovation through Ohana. The Ohana provides a social home for employees and partners of different cultures. Like what the movie says, “Ohana means family” and family is how Salesforce treats every one of their employees, partners, customers, and the communities they’re in.

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