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Salesforce Just Received the 2017 Google Cloud Partner Award

Google Cloud gave its various partner brands recognition during the Google Cloud Partner Awards 2017. One of these brands is Salesforce, the recipient of Innovative Solution Award for G Suite.

Recognizing Salesforce and Google Cloud’s Strong Partnership

Salesforce and Google Cloud partnered last November 2017, spanning a collaboration between various Salesforce products, Google Cloud, and Google Analytics.

The demand for various innovations within Google Cloud continues to increase as complex workflow processes begin to get simplified. Google recognizes Salesforce’s contributions in helping shape valuable innovations between Google Cloud’s productivity products and Salesforce’s CRM program.

Salesforce likewise named Google Cloud as their preferred cloud provider, further strengthening the ties between these two giant computing companies.

The Innovative Solution award was given to Salesforce in due recognition for its positive implementation of their collaboration with Google Cloud’s G Suite solutions. Salesforce joins a number of other companies celebrating their ties with Google Cloud in various other aspects like retail and artificial intelligence.

G Suite and Salesforce Collaboration

G Suite is among the services under Google Cloud which also includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Drive under its umbrella.

Salesforce and G Suite have been integrated to each other in order to provide their common customers with flexible solutions and greater productivity. The team-up provides users with the following connections and services:

  • Auto-updating of relevant and connected data from Google Sheets and Salesforce Reports and/or Records
  • Embedding and accessing of Google Calendar and Google Drive files within the Quip Live Apps
  • Utilization of Hangouts Meet to get important data about Salesforce customer details, case history, accounts, etc.
  • Gmail usage directly within Salesforce, and retrieval of Salesforce data even while inside Gmail

Both Google Cloud and Salesforce have announced more innovations to come as they launch a joint roadmap to continue delivering quality collaborative products and services to their customers.

Customers Win, Too

New and eligible customers who want to experience these seamless integrations between Salesforce and Google G Suite can take advantage of the free offers and licenses the two companies are currently giving away. G Suite customers new to Salesforce get free Salesforce Essentials offers valid for three months, while Salesforce customers new to G Suite get free one-year license for the entire G Suite products.


Salesforce received the 2017 Google Cloud Partner Award for Innovative Solution Award-G Suite this year. It was a celebration of the two companies’ successful efforts to integrate their products for the benefit of their common customers.

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